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Pittsburgh Bagpiper Sean O’Donnell

I would be honored to help pay tribute the memory of your loved ones. Music helps us heal in times of grief and can be an fitting tribute to those we love. For centuries, bagpipes have been used to honor the recently departed. It’s a great privilege to help continue that tradition. I can play at the grave site, before and/or after the service. I also commonly play at the church of funeral parlor as part of the memorial service.

Bagpipes at a funeral or memorial service are an elegant detail. I play a variety of appropriate tunes, including “Amazing Grace” and “Danny Boy.” I would be happy to discuss composing an original piece of music to commemorate your loved one, as well.

For rate quotes and availability, contact me online or by phone at (412) 298-8782.

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Bagpipes by Pittsburgh Bagpiper Sean O’Donnell

8 Responses to “Funerals

  • Susan N
    11 months ago

    I wanted to write to say thank you! I was so amazed and impressed with your playing. It was a perfect touch, and my family and our friends really liked the songs. Thank you so much Sean.

  • Bill S.
    2 years ago

    I truly appreciate you helping me out on such short notice.
    I want to thank you again for your performance at the funeral of Thomas Tutty yesterday. Your talent came through and there was not a dry eye in the crowd during the playing of “Amazing Grace.”

  • Thomas G.
    3 years ago

    Sean showed up early, total professional and played great!

  • Sean performed for my grandmothers memorial service and a reception that followed. He added a special touch to the service. Thank you Sean.

  • Millie T.
    5 years ago

    Thank you for your beautiful music. You did the Hard Times Again No More just beautifully. Life can be so sad and beautiful music just lifts the soul.

  • Heather
    5 years ago

    Sean: Thanks for joining us on Saturday. We certainly enjoyed your presence as did many friends and family members.

    I will not hesitate to refer you to others.

  • Cheryl
    6 years ago

    Sean was very nice to talk to and was prompt and accomodating. The music was excellent. I wish that he could have played more songs however that was not his fault it was mine due to poor planning on my part. I have already been asked to give out his contact information. I highly recommend Sean for any occasion.

  • Tim M.
    7 years ago

    Sean, great job today on the funeral….everyone really enjoyed your playing

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