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Carry Me Home (Single)

Carry Me Home (single) by Sean O’Donnell“Carry Me Home” was released in November 2008. It was written in 2001, but recording did not begin until 2007. Basic tracks were recorded in Bloomington, Ind., and the song was completed in Pittsburgh in 2008.

A remix of “Carry Me Home” is on Emotional Apocrypha of the Bubblegum Gospel.

Carry Me Home Carry Me Home

I took a moment and I looked around.
There was nothing left that could be found,
Nothing left except the echoing sound of you.

Ooohh la la la.

I took everything I ever had,
I took it all, the good and the bad,
And packed it up so I could take it back to you.

I drove all night across your empty roads,
Darkness hiding all I had to show.
I only knew that I wanted to go with you.

Ooohh la la la.

I lost my way and what I wanted to say
On the dark road wasting my life away.
I just need someone or somewhere to stay.
I just need someone who cares to take me home
Won’t you come and carry me home?

Words & Music Seán O’Donnell © & (P) 2008

Monkey Corner Records (ASCAP)

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